Palliative IDG Updates

The palliative-specific workflow in Axxess Hospice eliminates unnecessary documentation and optimizes efficiency for palliative care. The latest enhancements ensure that IDG processes for palliative patients align with IDG requirements and regulations for palliative care.

Removal of Recertification Information

Since palliative care patients have only one admission period (rather than the potential for multiple benefit periods), there is no need for palliative patients to be recertified from one period to the next.

For this reason, the recertification information has been removed from the palliative IDG tables in Axxess Hospice.

Team Title Updates

When viewing a palliative IDG team (IDG Center ➜ Edit Team), the physician and medical director titles have been updated from Hospice Physician to Palliative Physician and from Hospice Medical Director to Palliative Medical Director.