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Client Chart Overview


This tutorial will provide you with an Overview of the Client Chart and items within a Client Chart.

Navigate to Client → Client Center → Pull up your Client



Create Tab

View Tab

Provides dropdown of the same items that are available in your Quick Reports.


Schedule Tab

Navigates to the client’s schedule.


Documents Tab

**Note: there is a 5MB document size limit.  Separate any documents greater than 5MB prior to uploading.


Billing Tab


Change Photo

Provides the ability to upload a Client Photo to their chart.


Edit Link

Provides the ability to Edit any information taken in at Intake. Can add Tags for Client, Attach Payment Source for the Client, Attach Client Contacts for Family Portal, and Select Matching Criteria for Client.  Edit Client Tutorial


More Link

Provides a Thumbnail of important information about the Client. (Ex: MRN, Name, Gender, Address, Phone, SOC Date, Physician Name/Phone/Fax, Emergency Contact/Name/Number, DNR).


Directions Link

Provides turn by turn directions to the client home as well as satellite view directions.  Starting address defaults as the Agency address; but may be altered as desired.


Admissions Link

Provides client admission information including, Admission Date, Discharge Date, Current Admission Period, Associated Care Period, Current Admission Period.  If you open the + beside the Admission Date, it will provide you with the details of Care Period Start and End Dates within that Admission Period.  Per-user permission (if applicable) user can Edit the Care Periods if needed.



Client Quick Reports

Client Quick Report access is permission-based and may be set up within the employee permission section of the Employee file.





























Blue Action Buttons

The last three actions in the top section of the client chart includes:


Document List:

The lower section of the client chart contains a list of scheduled and completed documents for the client.



The date and time are set to the scheduled date and time until the note is completed.  It then displays the actual date and time of the task. The employee scheduled for the task will be displayed next.














The lower half of the client chart may be expanded to increase the field of vision for the document list.



The document list may be grouped, or filtered by task type or date range.


This completes the Axxess HomeCare Chart Overview Tutorial.