Menu Bar

Once in Axxess DDE, there are a few ways to see and navigate the claims available to you and your agency. We will walk through the menu bar, which should help you become acquainted with Axxess DDE.


DashboardThe Dashboard gives you an overview of your agency’s claims and reports. You can quickly see pertinent information before diving into the details.


ClaimsThe Claims tab gives you visibility into all claims filed in Direct Data Entry (DDE) for your agency. You can filter or view claim details from here.


PatientsThe Patients tab gives a list of all patients. You can click on a patient’s name or HIC number to view the patient’s profile.


EligibilityThe Eligibility tab shows you all previous requested eligibility reports as well as allows you to request new eligibility reports for any patient.


ReportsThe Reports tab allows you to view a number of reports that are useful to you and your agency in tracking and managing your claims sent to Medicare.


AdminThe Admin tab is permission based, but if you have permissions, the Admin tab gives you the chance to manage your agency’s information. This includes Provider details, DDE credentials and Users.


The Help tab is more of a drop-down menu giving you the option to view the Help Center guide or navigate to the Support Ticketing Center.

Switch App

The Switch App grants you access to Axxess’ DDE Black Screen. You can choose your intermediary and input your credentials and password to access the black screen. You can also navigate to Axxess RCM, Axxess Planner and any other Axxess solutions you have access to.


The Profile shows you the current providers you have access to and your user information. At this time, you do not have the ability to edit your email address, so you will need to contact our Client Success team. However, you do have the ability to opt in or out of daily emails from Axxess DDE that will send you your agency’s dashboard every morning after scraping the black screen for updates.

Log Out

To logout of Axxess DDE, click on your name on the far right of the navigation bar and choose Log Out.