Visits in Progress

How can I communicate with clinicians on Axxess CARE?

Organizations can contact clinicians through the secure messaging feature in Axxess CARE or use the phone number in a clinician’s profile to call the clinician.

What notes and visits can be documented through Axxess CARE?

The following notes and visits can be documented through Axxess CARE:

OASIS Assessments


Physical Therapy Notes/Evaluations


Skilled Nursing Visits/Evaluations


Is EVV available in Axxess CARE?

Yes. Electronic visit verification (EVV) is built into the Axxess CARE mobile app, so organizations and users can see when each visit was started, completed and signed by the patient at the point of care.

How can I edit visit details?

Axxess CARE enables users to edit visit details, pay rates, addresses and special instructions. To edit visit details, log in to Axxess CARE, click on the visit and select the edit icon next to the item you want to edit. If you need to change the type of visit, remove the visit from Axxess CARE and update the visit type in Axxess Home Health to repost the corrected visit to Axxess CARE.

How will Axxess CARE clinicians identify themselves to patients?

The Axxess CARE app has a built-in electronic ID badge that clinicians can present to identify themselves upon arrival. The electronic ID badge identifies the clinician by name, picture, credentials, home healthcare organization and the home healthcare organization’s contact information.

If a clinician misses a visit, am I still required to pay for it?

No. You only pay for visits that are completed. If a clinician cannot see a patient for any reason, the clinician must return the visit to the home healthcare organization to be rescheduled or marked as missed.