Routing Optimization

Axxess CARE now maps daily visit routes to enhance efficiency and prevent unnecessary drive time for clinicians.

To route your daily visits on Axxess CARE, click Route Visits on the Axxess CARE app home screen.

The routing overview displays the following details:

Date of routing


Number of visits


Number of visit locations


Total travel time


Total distance


Any date with a scheduled visit can be routed from the current location to the scheduled visits, then ending at home. To route visits, select the desired date and click FIND VISIT ROUTE.

Each stop in the route is marked with a pin that provides visit details for that stop.

For locations with multiple visits, users can view all the visits at the location.

Users can adjust the route order to accommodate visits with a scheduled time.

Click Directions for turn-by-turn directions to each visit along your route.

Updated on 11/18/2021