Intro to Axxess RCM

Axxess empowers home healthcare organizations with cloud-based software, services and solutions for revenue cycle management.


Axxess super-users should open a ticket to set up payers to route through Axxess. Log in to Axxess Home Health and navigate to View ➜ Lists ➜ Insurances/Payers ➜ Edit or Admin ➜ Lists ➜ Insurances/Payers ➜ Edit.

If Axxess is listed as the payer’s clearinghouse in the Insurance/Payer Details section, the payer was set up correctly.


Navigate to Select CLIENT LOGIN.

Enter user credentials and select Secure Login.

On the Login Successful confirmation window, select OK.

Axxess Planner

The Axxess Planner displays pertinent information specific to a user. Shortcuts have been placed on the left side of the page to provide easy access to the Axxess applications the agency is using. To access Axxess RCM, select the name of the agency below Axxess RCM on the left side of the page.

Once inside Axxess RCM, select the menu button to go back to the previous screen.