Census Report Updates

The Census Report in Axxess Hospice now includes additional patient information, including the Admission Source, Terminal Diagnosis, MRN and DOB.

This report helps agencies track patient data and identify trends for strategic, data-driven insights and planning. The Census Report is one of the first reports that surveyors request when surveying an agency for certification. The easy-to-use Census Report in Axxess Hospice compiles the necessary data to give surveyors during the survey process.

To access the Census Report, users must have permission to view survey reports.

Survey Report Permissions

To give a user permission to view survey reports, edit the user’s profile and navigate to the Permissions In the Reports section of permissions, select View next to Survey Reports.

To enable the user to export survey reports, select Export next to the Survey Reports permission. Once the appropriate permissions have been selected, click Save to finish granting the permissions to the user.

People tab ➜ People Center ➜ Edit ➜ Permissions tab ➜ Reports section ➜ Survey Reports ➜  View/Export➜ Save

Generate the Census Report

To generate the Censuse Report, navigate to the Report Center under the Reports tab. In the Survey Reports section, select Census Report.

Reports tab ➜ Report Center ➜ Survey Reports ➜ Census Report

View the Census Report

On the Census Report screen, data can now be filtered by Date Range. By default, the report will show the current month-to-date, but this may be adjusted to see any date range.

Data can be filtered using the menus in the top left:

Filter   Description
Branches   View data for specific agency branches. The default selection is All Branches.  
Patient Statuses   View data for specific patient statuses. Select from Active, Discharged, Pending, Deceased, and Non-Admitted patients. Any combination of statuses can be viewed at once. The default selection is All Statuses.  
Levels of Care   View data for specific levels of care. The default selection is All Levels of Care.  
Date Range   View data for specific date ranges. The default selection is Current Month-to-Date.  

The Census Report now includes more information about the patient, including Admission Source, Terminal Diagnosis, MRN and DOB.

Data in the census report is displayed in the following columns:

Column Headers
Last Name
First Name
Admission Date
Discharge Date
Admission Source
Terminal Diagnosis
Level of Care
Primary Payer
Date of Birth
Primary Phone
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
ZIP Code

Export the Census Report

Once the filters are selected, click Export in the top right corner. The Census Report will generate in Excel format and download to your computer’s Download folder.

The data can be sorted and organized to the user’s preferences, and the report can be saved to the computer for documentation and/or printed.

Updated 8/21/2020