Bereavement Documentation

Documenting bereavement services delivered after a patient’s death is critical to staying compliant. Axxess Hospice facilitates seamless bereavement documentation for deceased patients, so agencies can stay compliant with CMS-required Conditions of Participation and ensure that bereavement services are delivered appropriately after a patient dies.

Document Patient Death

Once a patient’s death is documented in Axxess Hospice, the patient’s status moves from Active to Deceased in the application. The system then generates a bereavement period beginning at the patient’s date of death.

In the Schedule Center, users can schedule tasks during the bereavement period to complete bereavement documentation in the patient’s record and update the Plan of Care with the bereaved person’s assessed needs.

Schedule Bereavement Tasks

To schedule tasks during the bereavement period, navigate to the Schedule Center and click Add Task.

Schedule tab ➜ Schedule Center ➜ Add Task

In the task window, select the bereavement task, assign the appropriate team member and enter a date for the task to be completed. Click Save Task or Save Task & Add Another to continue scheduling bereavement tasks.

Once saved, tasks populate in the Patient Schedule and Employee Schedule for completion.