How do I add my nursing license?

To enter your nursing license, tap on the menu icon in the top-left corner of your screen and select Profile. From the Profile page, select Edit in the top-right corner of your screen and then select Credentials. To add a nursing license, select Add a License. You will choose the type of license, the state in which the license was issued, your professional license number, the original date the license was issued and the date it expires. Once you enter all the information and select Save, Axxess CARE will verify your license through the Nursys verification system.

How long does the license verification process take?

The license verification process is instantaneous.

Will I have to update my information when my license renews or is it automatic?

At this time, Axxess CARE does not reverify your license. You should make sure your licenses and credentials are all up to date. Please go to your account to update any licensure or credentialing information at the time of renewal.

How will I know when the license verification process is complete?

Axxess CARE will notify you via push notification once the license verification is complete.

I received a notification that my license verification failed. What do I do now?

If your professional license verification failed, you need to check the accuracy of your basic information and license information. To check your basic information, go to Menu Profile Edit Basic Information. This information needs to match your license information in order to get a successful verification. Make sure all information is accurate and then go to your license to reverify.

To check your license information, go to Menu  Profile My Credentials. After selecting My Credentials, tap on the failed license to view and edit the information. Correct any information needed, then select Save to reverify. If your license verification still fails, check with your licensure board for more information.

How do I add my certifications?

To enter your certifications, tap on the menu icon in the top-left corner of your screen and select Profile. From the Profile page, select Edit in the top-right corner of your screen and then select Credentials. Select Add a Certification, choose a certification type, enter an expiration date and select Save.

Can I include a picture of my certification?

Yes. To add a picture of your certification, tap on the camera icon in the center of the Certifications screen. From here, you can take a photo or upload an existing photo from your device.

Do I have to add photos of my certifications?

Currently, your CPR is the only certification that requires a photo. You must add photos of the front and back of the card. You may save your other certifications without a photo. However, a photo will be the only way an organization can verify your certification. You will want to include as much information in your profile as possible to increase your chances of being selected for visits.

Where do I add my driver’s license, auto insurance and other required information?

You may add all additional documents in the Certifications section. Select Other as the certification type and indicate what document you are adding. You may use this section to add your driver’s license, auto insurance, immunizations, vaccinations, TB screening and any other information you think an organization may require.

Am I required to have TB, hepatitis B or other vaccinations?

The vaccinations are not required. However, you are required to complete these sections to be able to apply for visits. You must review the information, mark the options as appropriate, then sign the form.