Work Offline

The Axxess Care app now provides a Work Offline toggle that users can enable to document care in offline mode when an internet connection cannot be established or is unreliable. Data entered in offline mode will be saved to the user’s device and synced once an internet connection is restored. This feature streamlines operations by ensuring users can document at the point of care with or without an internet connection.

To work offline, navigate to the three-line menu in Axxess Care and select Download Visits to download your visits for the day.

➜ Download Visits

To download an individual visit, navigate to the Schedule tab, select the visit and click the cloud icon.

Schedule tab ➜ Select a visit ➜

Once a visit has been downloaded, the cloud icon will turn green.

Once all necessary visits have been downloaded, turn on the Work Offline toggle on the menu screen to start working in offline mode.

➜ Work Offline

Updated on 09/21/2023