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HomeCare eMAR Chart Tutorial


This tutorial will provide a walk thru of the eMAR Chart under the Quick Reports and View Tab in the client Chart.


Navigate to Client> Client Center> Select the Client


eMAR Chart is located under the client quick reports for medical admissions. And provides one way to view and document administration of a client’s active medications (medication profile)


The Chart display defaults to the current calendar date in Daily view. Users may select to display by Day, Week or Month. Active Medications for the selected timeframe are listed in the left-hand column.




All previously logged medications will display in the chart by color code (green for taken and red for refused) and provide the time and initials of the staff that logged the medication.  Hovering over the medication will display any comments associated and the staff’s full name.  Any available actions (permission and role based) will also display upon hovering over the logged medication.



Users may select to view ALL logged medications, or filter to only the refused or taken by selecting the filter options at the bottom of the Log.


View of logged taken medications.


To document (log) the administration of a medication.

  • Daily View: locate the medication and select the time the medication was taken/refused
  • Weekly and Monthly Views: Locate the medication and select the appropriate date.

The New eMAR Log window will display.

  • The Medication name and dosage will be view only.
  • Date and Time will be displayed in editable fields.
  • Medication Taken will be defaulted to No. Update to Yes if taken.
  • Add any applicable comments and save and close or cancel.


Medications with D/C Date: display in the weekly and monthly views for the timeframe they were active.  The D/C date is listed in the medication details.  To ensure medication compliance all days after the discontinued date are greyed out and prevents any logging.


The eMAR Chart can be Exported to Excel from the weekly or monthly view.


If the user has navigated away from the current date they may quickly navigate back to the current timeframe (day/week/month) based off their current view.


Users may also log medication administration from within notes that the agency has linked the eMAR addendum.  See field documentation for additional information on documenting through the note.


This completes the Axxess HomeCare eMAR Chart Tutorial.