OASIS-C2, Saving Insurance/Payer Updates


Patient Received Written Patient Rights and Responsibilities


In the Summary of Care Assessment 2 section of OASIS-C2 Start of Care, the Patient Received Written Patient Rights and Responsibilities states:


** Patient, patient-selected representative, legal representative ** received written patient rights and responsibilities in the primary or preferred language of the patient or representative, and in a manner that the individual can understand, during the initial evaluation visit, and in advance of care being furnished by the HHA. This included policies on discharge, transfer, abuse and exploitation, emergency preparedness, OASIS and HIPAA Privacy Statements. Signature(s) received for written notices per requirements.

Creating New Insurance/Payor

Incomplete Setup


When saving an incomplete insurance/payor set up, in addition to displaying a warning message that the payor setup will be saved to pending status and no visits can be assigned until the payor setup is completed, the insurance/payor name now displays with a red label Pending. The new label allows the user to easily identify all pending or incomplete insurances/payors.

Once the insurance set up is completed and successfully saved, the Pending label will be cleared.




Updated on 6/21/2018