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Agency Overview

How does AxxessCARE benefit my agency?

AxxessCARE solves scheduling and staffing issues by connecting agencies and qualified clinicians to provide timely care. Agencies benefit from AxxessCARE because they have a free and easy-to-use online network to find the clinicians they need to cover patient visits. AxxessCARE provides a safety net for agencies when a clinician leaves or is ill and cannot complete scheduled visits.

Can AxxessCARE help me grow my business?

Yes. AxxessCARE enables agencies to grow business in new markets by accepting more referrals. AxxessCARE helps agencies find clinicians to cover visits in new areas if they do not have ample staff already in place.

Where do the clinicians on AxxessCARE come from?

Clinicians on AxxessCARE are employed by other home health agencies who use Axxess software. Each clinician who signs up for AxxessCARE must undergo background, license, and OIG checks before they can apply for visits.

How much information can agencies see about the clinician applying for my posted visit?

Agencies maintain control by being able to review the background, license and OIG checks, the clinician’s resume, skillset and health screenings before they assign a visit to the applying clinician. Agencies can also see star ratings and reviews of the clinician. These ratings are submitted by other AxxessCARE agencies that have worked with that particular clinician.

Does AxxessCARE have an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) component?

Yes. Our EVV component is built into the AxxessCARE mobile app. Agencies are able to see when a visit was started, completed, and the signature of the patient at the point of care.

Will AxxessCARE make it easier for my agency to keep my clinicians from leaving?

Yes. Allowing your clinicians to use AxxessCARE to earn extra money is another benefit you are providing to them, just like health insurance or a 401k. Clinicians who leave an AxxessCARE agency will not have access to the benefit. Giving clinicians the option of earning extra money to supplement their income will make them happier and more likely to stay with your agency.

Do the clinicians on AxxessCARE work for Axxess?

No. AxxessCARE is not a staffing agency, it is a software platform that helps connect Axxess client agencies with qualified clinicians who want to make extra money by completing extra visits.

For tax purposes, how do I classify the clinicians I use through AxxessCARE?

That is up to each agency. You have the option of having the clinician assigned to a visit work full-time (W-2) or on a contract (1099) basis with the agency. That agreement is between the agency and the clinician and does not involve Axxess. AxxessCARE is simply the platform that connects agencies and clinicians.

How do I provide a surveyor with information on an AxxessCARE clinician?

Agencies can print all of the information needed to comply with surveyor requirements. Documents and certifications can be viewed and printed through the AxxessCARE portal.

Who sets the pay rates for the visits on AxxessCARE?

The pay rates for the visits displayed on AxxessCARE are designated by the posting agency. Your agency can modify your visit pay rates anytime by selecting pay rates from the drop-down menu under your name in the top right corner of AxxessCARE.

To better assist your agency, attract qualified clinicians, fill visits quickly, and deliver timely care, AxxessCARE has provided suggested pay rates for each visit type, based on payment trends in your local area.

Minimum visit pay rates have also been established to help your agency quickly meet staffing and scheduling needs. Minimum visit pay rates for your area are based on extensive market research to ensure that visits are posted at fair market value rates.

Some of the visits on AxxessCARE pay more than what I pay for the same visit. Why is that?

The free market determines the visit pay rates on AxxessCARE. Keep in mind, not every visit subtracts the taxes, supply costs and overhead expenses an agency pays. Some rates may appear higher for this reason. Clinicians who accept a visit are still responsible for paying all appropriate taxes on that income unless they make a separate agreement with the agency. Axxess is not a party to that agreement and not responsible for its contents.

How do I get started?

AxxessCARE is a feature that has been activated for home health agencies in Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts and Texas. For the moment, it is only available in those states. However, Axxess does plan to roll it out nationwide. Once agencies have set up their information, they can begin posting visits.

Why did Axxess create AxxessCARE?

We understand that staffing is the biggest challenge in the home healthcare industry. Agencies have struggled for decades to find the qualified staff they need to care for patients. AxxessCARE is a solution that gives agencies an easier way to find clinicians they would be looking for anyway.