Required Training for External Users

Users who are not associated with an organization using Axxess software are now required to complete Axxess Care training through the Axxess Training and Certification Program before applying for visits through Axxess Care.

This enhancement streamlines operations and facilitates compliance by ensuring users are fully trained on the Axxess Care solution and industry regulations before applying to provide care through the app.

To complete the required training, click Next on the welcome screen when you first open the Axxess Care app.

Navigate to the three-line menu and select Profile to open your user profile.

Select the Training/CEU tab in your profile.

On the Training/CEU screen, click Get Axxess Certified.

On the Axxess Training and Certification Program screen, select Login to enter your existing login information or Signup to sign up as a new user.

Complete each module in the Axxess Care section.

Once you have completed a module and earned a certificate, save the certificate to your device, navigate back to the Training/CEU tab in Axxess Care and select Add Training/CEU.

Select the type and date of training, and tap the camera to upload a copy of your certificate. Click Save to save the training documentation to your user profile.

Required trainings are identified in the Type of Training menu. Once you have completed and uploaded your certificate for Axxess Care Fundamental Part 1, Axxess Care Fundamental Part 2 and Axxess Care Advanced, you can apply for visits in your area.

Updated on 07/06/2023