Home Health CAHPS Survey

The HHCAHPS survey is designed to measure the experiences of people receiving home healthcare from Medicare-certified home health agencies.

Home health agencies that served 60 or more patients over the previous 12 months are required to partner with a CMS-approved HHCAHPS vendor to administer HHCAHPS surveys to patients and submit the survey data to CMS on the agency’s behalf.

The survey was designed to meet three broad goals:

  • To produce comparable data on the patient’s perspective that allows objective and meaningful comparisons between home health agencies on domains that are important to consumers.
  • To create incentives for agencies to improve care quality through public reporting of survey results
  • To enhance public accountability in healthcare by increasing the transparency of the quality of care provided in return for public investment

Development of the HHCAHPS Survey

In November 2002, the Quality Initiative was launched to ensure quality healthcare for all Americans through accountability and public disclosure. The initiative aims to (a) empower Americans with quality of care information to help them make more informed decisions about their health care, and (b) stimulate and support providers and clinicians to improve the quality of healthcare.

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