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5/18/2018: AgencyCore Update

Report Center

Billing Batch Report Enhancement


The following enhancements/features have been added to the Billing Batch Report in the Report Center:



Accounts Receivable Roll Forward Report


The Patient Status column in the AR Roll Forward report now includes ALL patient statuses (Pending, Active, Discharge, Non-Admit & Blanks).


OASIS-C2 and Patient Charts

New Advance Directives Comment Box


Other Advance Directives, such as the DNR-CC, DNR-CCA, or POLST, in the OASIS or (Edit) Patient Profile can now be documented in the new editable Comment box, which is located under the Advance Directives tab. This text data entered in the new Other Advance Directive Comment box will populate in the Plan of Care (including print PDF).


New Patient: F2F Documentation

When creating a new patient in AgencyCore, under the Demographics tab, the Track F2F Documentation request option is selected or checked as the default.  If Face-to-Face documentation tracking is not needed, the user can simply deselect or uncheck this option.


Patient Profile:  New Tool Tip

Attending Physician Contacted for Care Plan Oversight


In the New Referral form, New Patient form, Edit Patient Profile or Re-Admit Patient, a new tool tip is added to the “Attending Physician contacted and agreed to provide ongoing care (orders) for this patient” check box. The tool tip will provide clarifications relating to the Referring, Certifying and Attending physicians.


POC: View from SN Note

The Plan of Care is now available to view from the Skilled Nurse Visit Note as soon as the OASIS is signed, even when it is in pending QA approval. This enhancement allows the clinicians to have a Plan of Care to follow without waiting on the QA process.


Note: Clinicians need to be aware of possible change(s) in the Plan of Care during the QA process.



Updated on 5/18/2018