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Infectious Disease Profile/COVID-19 Screening for Users

The Infectious Disease Profile in Axxess Hospice is designed to help agencies easily track infectious diseases and screening tools used to detect them. This feature streamlines operations by enabling agencies to manage all aspects of infectious disease monitoring in one place, and facilitates compliance with infection control and emergency preparedness planning requirements.

Infectious Disease Profile for Users

To access the Infectious Disease Profile for users, navigate to the People tab and select Edit to edit the user’s profile. In the user’s profile, navigate to the Infectious Disease Profile tab on the left-side menu.

People tab ➜ People Center ➜ Edit ➜ Infectious Disease Profile tab

Infectious disease screenings that have been completed for the user are listed in the Infectious Disease Profile with the following details:

Select View in the Actions column to display the results of a screening that has been completed.

COVID-19 Screenings

To add a new COVID-19 screening for the user, click Add COVID-19 Screening.

Complete the screening questions and assign a risk level based on your agency’s policy. A date of screening is required before the screening can be saved. Click Save Screening to complete the screening process, or Save & Add Another to document another screening for the user.

For more information on the screening and COVID-19, click the tool tip icon next to the screening title.