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The AxxessDDE Dashboard includes quick reports on payments, claims, and eligibility information.






EFTA report of Electronic Funds Transfers for the current week and projected pending payments.


Green – indicates paid amounts and Blue indicates projected amounts for future payments.


Select Full Report to view other date ranges and the EFT numbers.



RAP Cancellation Rate

RAP CancellationThe RAP Cancellation Rate shows the last 3 months percentage of cancelled RAPs. The lower your percentage, the better.



Claim Count Summary

Claims Count SummaryA report of claims in a particular claim status location. Includes claim counts, total charges and total payment.


As claims are processed in FISS (Fiscal Intermediary Standard System), they move through various stages of the system. These stages are identified by status/location codes and provide information about what’s happening to the claim.






TReturn to provider








To get to the full report, you may click Full Report at the top of the Claims Count Summary box.



Timely Filing

Timely FIlingThe Timely Filing section displays Finals Due, RAPs at Risk, and RAPs Canceled.


Finals Due shows patients that a RAP claim processed in DDE, but the Final claim has  not been processed.


RAPs at Risk – indicates the RAP claim has been processed but the Final Claim has not been processed, and the RAP is at Risk to Auto-Cancel soon. A Final Claim must be processed within 120 days of the beginning of the episode or 60 days from the processed date of the RAP in order to keep the RAP from auto-canceling. This section will alert you to the claims that do not show a Final Claim within these time frames.


RAPs Canceled are auto-canceled claims. These are the claims that have canceled due to a Final Claim not processed within 120 days of the beginning of the episode or 60 days from the processed date of the RAP.  To view the Full Report, click on Full Report at the top of the box. Select the selection title to view the specific claims listed for the specific section.



Claim Issues

Claim IssuesClaims Issues shows claims Stuck in Suspense, RTP claims, Rejected Claims and the ADR claims.


Stuck in Suspense are claims that have been in the same status location for 30 days or more. The claims listed here are approaching the 30 days.


RTP  Claims (Return to Provider) are claims that have been returned to provider for needing correction.


Rejected Claims are claims that have been rejected for payment for various reasons specified by the reason code.


ADR Claims (Additional Development Request) are claims needing medical records sent to CMS. CMS uses ADRs to request medical records from providers during the medical review process.


To see the claims within each category, click on the item description in blue under the number.



Eligibility Issues

Eligibility IssuesThis is a report of patients whose eligibility status is questionable.


To view the patients under each section, click the issue title.


Part A & B indicates an issue with either Medicare Part A coverage or Medicare Part B coverage.


Other HHA indicates a possible issue with another Home Health Agency in the patient’s home during a time period.


HMO Patients shows the patient has a Medicare Advantage Plan.


MSP Patients (Medicare Secondary Payer) shows patients with an insurance that is primary to Medicare.


Hospice Patients indicates the patient is a Hospice patient.


CWF Not Found (Common Working File)  indicates no eligibility was found for Medicare. Check the patient’s Medicare Card to verify correct information has been entered.