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Quality Assurance (QA) Overview

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The QA Center is where clinical documentation is processed by the QA staff. QA staff can view, edit, approve and return documents from within the QA Center. Clinical documentation that passes through the QA Center includes, but is not limited to: clinical notes, OASIS assessments, Plans of Care, Interim Orders, Summaries, as well as Infection and Incident Reports. The default view when entering the QA Center shows active patient tasks that are ready for processing with an event date within the last seven days. To better narrow, the QA staff can also adjust the patient status, date range or grouping to view tasks by patient, date, task or clinician. The information can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

QA Center Navigation

When a clinician completes documentation, the tasks will appear in the QA center to be reviewed by the QA nurse or DON.

NOTE: Agencies may select to bypass this process for specific clinicians by selecting ‘Bypass QA Center’ in user permission and if they Selected any Task to Bypass QA in the Manage Company Information those Tasks will not appear in QA.

By default, the QA Center will display all pending tasks ready for review. Filter options at the top allow for the QA nurse to filter by Patient, Date, Task, Status, and Payor.

NOTE: AxxessCARE is currently only available in California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio and Texas.  More states coming soon.

The dashboard to the right indicates Pending and Returned items sorted by task and based on the filters you have indicated.

Quality Assurance Process

To complete QA review, select the appropriate patient and task. By selecting the Task name, a preview version will load where you will have the ability to Edit, Approve, Return or Print.

NOTE: By selecting the Patient Name, the system will automatically open the patient chart screen.

NOTE: When reviewing OASIS documentation, QA staff will have additional options to review OASIS Scrubber information, as well as generate an OASIS Export File.

To approve or return multiple Tasks, the QA nurse may also multi-select using the checkboxes on the left side of the screen. Once selected, the option to return or approve are available, along with the number of tasks selected.

NOTE: Blue hearts next to the task indicate the documentation was completed through the AxxessCARE and will be returned to the clinician via the AxxessCARE portal. These notes are not available for multi-select functionality.

Sticky Note Types

Within the grid, the user may see three types of sticky notes that are color coded according to type and purpose.


Updating Returned Tasks

If a task is returned, the clinician will be able to update and resubmit directly from the patient chart screen, schedule center or the mobile device.

Selecting the blue task will reopen the document and alert the clinician that the task has been returned by the QA team. The clinician will also have a link to view the comments at the end of the alert.

Once the clinician completes their review/updates, the task will be returned to the QA center for review.


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