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EligibilityThe Eligibility tab will run Medicare Eligibility for new and existing patients.



View Eligibility

When you go to the Eligibility tab, you will see a list of all previously run eligibility requests. This list includes the Date the eligibility was run, the Name of the patient, the HIC number, whether the patient is eligible for Part A, Part B, HMO, MSP, Other HHA or Hospice. You can also see the details of the eligibility request and response by clicking on Details on the far right of the request you want to view.




Eligibility ResultsClick on the patient name or HIC number to view the patient profile, which includes eligibility details.


Download EligibilityYou can search all previous requests using the filter and search options at the top of the page. You can also Download Eligibility Requests into various view able formats (PDF, CSV, Excel).



Run Eligibility

Run Eligibility Select Run Eligibility to verify a new real-time eligibility report and fill out the form clicking Run when complete. The report will show as pending until completed. Select Detail to view Eligibility that was previously obtained.


Run Eligibility Form