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OASIS-D Training Videos


Watch our comprehensive OASIS-D training videos to understand the new regulations and requirements beginning January 1, 2019. Understanding the new items and modifications in the OASIS-D assessment is essential for home health professionals to ensure accurate, high-quality data collection. Axxess released the new assessment early on November 12, 2018. Stay tuned for additional training resources to prepare your organization for these changes.


Part 1 of 2: Overview and Revision

Part one of our OASIS-D webinar series presents a regulatory overview and outlines comprehensive assessments revisions including the new J1800 and J1900 fall/injury items.



Part 2 of 2: GG Functional Abilities and Goals

Part two of our OASIS-D webinar series explores the new GG Functional abilities and goals items (GG0100 –GG0170) that are now a part of the assessment.