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Posting / Filling Jobs

How do I post visits internally?

The process to post visits is simple for all types of visits posted to AxxessCARE. Visits can be posted internally or externally in AgencyCore directly from the patient's chart, the Schedule Center, or the AxxessCARE Scheduler. Just before confirming the visit posting, agencies will have an option to post the visit internally (visible only to that agency's staff). For additional information on how to schedule visits in AxxessCARE, please refer to our FAQ on Scheduling Visits.

How specific can I be with my post?

We give you the ability to add a description and special instructions. The description is made available to any clinician searching for jobs so, therefore, should not include any patient information. The special instructions are only made available to the clinician once they have been assigned and accepted a job and therefore can include patient information.

How can I pay for the job I post?

Currently, only credit cards are accepted for payment.

What happens if no one accepts a job?

The visit needs to be marked as missed or the visit deleted from AgencyCore.

What type of information will be displayed about the clinician?

The clinician’s entire profile is displayed which includes: discipline, experience in discipline, pay range, specialty, availability, current average rating (as rated on previous jobs), short bio, license information, any recent jobs with your agency and any recent reviews provided by your agency.

Can I sort by the applicant? Top 5 Clinicians?

Sorting is not currently available but is in our backlog.

Can AxxessCARE Integrate with my software?

AxxessCARE currently only integrates with AgencyCore.

How does a new clinician impact my user count for my payment plan with Axxess?

Temporary access given to a clinician for an AxxessCARE visit will not affect your user count.

Once a task is posted can I change my mind and take it back?

Yes, you can withdraw any posting up until the visit has been started by the clinician.  If the visit has already been assigned, you must first unassigned the clinician and then remove the visit.

Who sets the price for the visits?

The agency sets the price that they are willing to pay for any scheduled task.  The clinicians can set up specific pay ranges in their profile.

How do I know if someone has accepted my assignment?

When a clinician accepts an assignment, you will receive notification via message in your Axxess AgencyCore message center.

What do I do if I do not get any takers for a job posting?

The agency would need to find someone else to fill the position.

How does the user know what services the patient needs?

The agency will provide a plan of care and any additional instruction once a visit has been accepted by the clinician.

What if I posted the wrong type of visit, how do I change it?  Is there a timeline for the change?

If the wrong visit type was posted, you will need to delete the visit from AgencyCore and post the correct visit.  You may remove posted visits up until a clinician is assigned.  If a clinician is assigned, you will need to unassign the clinician in AxxessCARE before deleting the visit.

Who can post visits for my agency?

Users with AgencyCore Admin Roles would have the ability to post visits.

Who can manage my posted visits in AxxessCare?

Users with AgencyCore Admin Roles would have the ability to post visits.