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Patient Profile Updates

The patient profile stores all information required for agencies to admit patients seamlessly and maintain compliance.

Access the Patient Profile

To access the patient profile, navigate to the Patient Charts under the Patients tab. Click Edit Profile under the photo in the patient’s chart.

Patients tab ➜ Patient Charts ➜ Edit Profile

Demographic Information

The patient’s demographic information appears first in the patient profile. At the top of the Demographic Information section, the Patient ID/MR Number field enables users to quickly and easily verify that all patients have a medical record number before proceeding with their documentation.

Fields with red asterisks are required.

Under Patient Primary Address, the new Facility Name field accommodates patients residing in facilities. Start typing to select a facility. Facility information will pull directly from the vendor list to the patient profile. If a patient’s facility is not included in the vendor list, add it by selecting Add Facility next to the Facility Name field.

Updated on 2/27/2020