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Implementation of Home Health

This webinar will provide an overview of the home health solution and introduces participants to the various features and benefits offered. It will cover the basic administrative and clinical activities performed by home health agency staff. (Includes Overview of Axxess AgencyCore, Initial Administrative Setup – Company/User/Insurance/Payroll, Workflow Process Overview, Basic Navigation, FAQ)

Financial Reporting and Billing

This training video will provide an overview of Axxess financial and billing solutions to efficiently manage claims and help agencies grow their business and process claims faster. (Includes Payor setup, Claims Process Management, Billing Center, AxxessDDE, AxxessRCM).

OASIS and Plan of Care

This training video will provide clinicians and field staff with QA functionality, orders management, OASIS and provide overview of the tools needed to utilize the system efficiently. (Includes QA Center, Orders Management, OASIS, FAQ).

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