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PDGM System Feature Videos

Click to watch video tutorials on Axxess system features designed for your success under PDGM. For more information on any of these features, visit PDGM System Features for step-by-step instructions, system screenshots, and helpful tips.

PDGM Case-Mix Analysis

The PDGM Case-Mix Analysis compares your agency’s revenue for a single patient under the current Prospective Payment System (PPS) to your projected revenue under the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM).

PDGM Modeling Tool

This interactive training tool is designed to help you learn how different factors generate the payment resource groupers under PDGM. The PDGM Modeling Tool is not tied to any patient, so each variable that impacts payment can be adjusted to give you targeted insights into how you can collect maximum reimbursement under PDGM.

PDGM Revenue Impact Analysis

Using historical OASIS and visit information, this analysis assesses the impact of PDGM on revenue, based on past episodes. This data is more accurate than any comparable revenue impact analysis in the industry, since it assesses your data for the last three years and shows questionable encounter codes that will not generate payment under PDGM.

Intake Form Updates

During the intake process, alerts notify you instantly if a diagnosis is payable under PDGM, so you know immediately if more information is required to generate a payable code. This system feature enables you to decide at intake if a patient is eligible for home health services, and protects your revenue for the care your agency provides.

Real-Time Validations

Real-time validations compare physical assessment findings to OASIS items and automatically disable non-applicable items to prevent contradictory documentation. This functionality enables users to complete documentation faster and more accurately, and spend less time on QA review.

Billing Center

The Billing Center enables users to manage all billing processes in a central location to streamline operations and bill quickly and efficiently under PDGM.