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PDGM Billing Center

The PDGM Billing Center enables users to manage all billing processes from a central location, including 30-day RAP and Final claim creation, and non-payment RAP submission for a seamless transition to PDGM.

Billing Center

Access the Billing Center

To access the Billing Center, users must have the Access Billing Center permission enabled.


Users with this permission can navigate to the Billing Center under the Billing tab.



Benefits of the Billing Center


Billing Center Functionality





The same functionalities available in the previous Billing menu are available in the Billing Center.


Pending Claims

The Pending Claims screen provides a centralized location for managing all Medicare and Managed Care claims that have outstanding balances. Unlike the previous Pending Claims window, the new page eliminates restrictions that occur when handling multiple payer types. It streamlines operations by consolidating multiple functionalities and optimizes ease of use by gathering all claims with remaining balances in to a ‘ready to work’ location. Agencies can establish a more seamless workflow with the ability to document check details, post payments, and adjust claims from the Pending Claims screen.

Benefits of Pending Claims

Access Pending Claims

The Pending Claims page is only accessible to users with the Access Billing Center permission.



To access the Pending Claims page, navigate to the Billing tab and select Pending Claims from the drop-down menu.


Functionality of Pending Claims

Refined New Filters



Sortable Columns


Aging Metrics


Edit Claim Information