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HPS Integration FAQs

Who is Hospice Pharmacy Solutions (HPS) and what do they do?

HPS is a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM). A pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) acts as an intermediary between agencies and pharmacies that provide medications for patients. Some PBMs have a pharmacy division that enables them to dispense medications as well.

Services provided​:

  • Clinical/Pharmaceutical Consultation
  • Education​
  • Cost and Resource Management

Hospice Pharmacy Solutions® (HPS) was founded to provide pharmacy solutions to hospice providers. HPS delivers value through clinical consultation, education and favorably impacting total cost of medications. HPS believe their pharmacists serve as an extension of hospice teams, offering easy-to-use pharmacy benefit management services. Tru360 is the name for their services and solution. The program delivers the right medications, at the right time, in the right place through a network of more than 65,000 pharmacies.

What is the goal of the integration? Why is Axxess integrated with HPS?

To allow total management of a hospice agency’s pharmacy management including updating patient information, complete medication management and auto-populating medication data to claims.

What are the benefits of this integration for Axxess Hospice clients?

Decrease Costs   Provides visibility into medication dispenses to allow clinical managers to better monitor these to ensure nurses are managing patient’s medications effectively and not over ordering medications based on patient’s needs; also saves time for clinicians and administrative staff saving on payroll costs.  
Ensure Compliance   Ensures compliance with medication management regulations.  
Streamline Operations   Prevents redundant documentation, reducing time spent contacting the pharmacy and ensures claims can be submitted faster.  
Improve Care   Improves patient care through timely management and receipt of medications and prevents medication-related errors.  

How does the integration work?

The HPS pharmacy integration enables agencies to have complete management of their pharmacy needs through three major areas:

  1. Patient updates are sent securely across the interface to keep the pharmacists up to date on changes that may affect the patients’ needs.
  2. Medication updates, including medication dispensing information, can be fully managed within Axxess and are sent securely across the interface.
  3. CMS medication data flows automatically across the interface and is auto populated on claims created in Axxess Hospice.

Transmitting Patient Information

Once the HPS pharmacy integration is enabled for an agency, patient information will be sent automatically across our secure interface with HPS for the following changes:

Patient Admission


Patient Discharge


Patient Death


Patient Demographic Updates


Diagnosis Updates


Allergy Information Updates


Patient Location Updates


Transmitting Medication Information

Once the HPS pharmacy integration is enabled for an agency, medication information will be sent automatically across our secure interface with HPS for the following changes:  

Adding New Medications   


Discontinuing Medications


Updating Medications


Refilling Medications


Cancelling Medication Deliveries


Transmitting Claim Information

Once the HPS pharmacy integration is enabled for an agency, CMS claim information will be sent across our secure interface with HPS at the frequency determined by the agency. HPS and Axxess will partner with the agency to set this frequency.

Data transmitted across the interface will auto-populate the following information to the Service Lines section of the claim:

Revenue Code






Charge Amount  


How do I activate the HPS integration?

To activate the HPS integration, contact Axxess at integrations@axxess.com. On receipt of your activation request, a member of the Axxess Integrations team will contact you to review pricing and other details to activate the integration.

To activate the HPS integration, your agency must have:

  • A contract with HPS as your pharmacy benefit manager (PBM)
  • A contract with Axxess for Axxess Hospice and the HPS integration
  • Agency setup between Axxess/HPS completed

Is there an extra cost to activate the HPS integration?

Yes, the cost is $300/month for each branch you choose to activate. Our Accounting team will contact you to confirm when the additional charges will begin.