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Where can I view my agency's CAHPS survey responses?

The AxxessCAHPS portal enables agencies to view patients' survey responses as soon as they are captured, in a multitude of different analytic features and reports. AxxessCAHPS users have continuous, convenient 24-hour access to log in anytime, and we highly recommend logging in to the portal regularly to monitor performance on an ongoing basis.


To log in to the AxxessCAHPS Portal:

1.  Start by securely logging in to using your username and password.

2.  In your list of Agency Profiles on the left side of your Axxess Planner, select AxxessCAHPS to be taken directly to the CAHPS portal dashboard.


If you don't see AxxessCAHPS in your list of Agency Profiles, your agency's administrator (primary contact) needs to add you as a user in the CAHPS portal.


Adding multiple AxxessCAHPS portal users is highly recommended, to ensure that any important correspondence regarding your CAHPS services is received. In addition to your agency's administrator, consider adding the director of nursing, alternate administrator(s), QA nurse, office manager, etc.

How can I add a new user to the AxxessCAHPS portal?

  1. Log in to your AxxessCAHPS portal account.
  2. Select the Admin Tools tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Select User Manager from the drop-down menu.
  4. On the Manage Users page, select the red Add New User button in the top left corner of the screen.
  5. Enter the user's email address (used to login to Axxess AgencyCore), and click Continue.
  6. On the next page, enter the user's Name, Contact Number, Title, and Role.
    1. Title labels the user's profile with his/her job title at your agency
    2. Role determines the user's level of access (e.g. the Reviewer role allows the user to view all survey Reports, but does not allow him/her to view the Admin Tools tab).
  7. Click Submit to complete the process.

Do I need to submit CAHPS reports each month?

AgencyCore users: No, your patient information files will automatically be extracted from AgencyCore, and uploaded to your AxxessCAHPS portal every month.  Your agency's CAHPS portal users will receive an email message at the beginning of the month titled Monthly CAHPS Data Extraction Completed, notifying you that the file has been extracted.


Non-AgencyCore users: Yes, a patient information file (or CAHPS report) should be generated within your electronic medical record software, and uploaded in your AxxessCAHPS portal. Non-AgencyCore users can upload files in the AxxessCAHPS portal, by selecting the Admin Tools tab, and selecting File Upload from the drop-down.


What are No Publicity patients?

No Publicity patients are patients who have requested, without specifically being asked if they want to participate in the survey, NOT to be contacted by anyone outside of the agency staff. No Publicity patients should be identified in Axxess AgencyCore during admission and prior to monthly survey extraction.


To identify a No Publicity patient, select Edit in the Patient Chart, navigate to the Emergency Contacts section, and check the box next to Do Not Contact for CAHPS. This will exclude the patient from survey contact. Per CMS requirements, agencies servicing any No Publicity patients must retain documentation indicating why the patient is classified as No Publicity.



When will my agency's CAHPS survey data be submitted to CMS?

Axxess submits your CAHPS survey data on a quarterly basis, in accordance with the CMS data submission schedule. The data submission schedule is updated on the official Home Health CAHPS Survey website. To view the data submission deadline for a particular quarter, please visit and select the Data Submission tab.


How can I confirm that Axxess has submitted my CAHPS survey data to CMS?

Axxess submits your survey data to CMS on a quarterly basis, as required by CMS. To view CMS Upload Status, login to your AxxessCAHPS portal, select the Reports tab, and select HHCAHPS Survey Administration from the drop-down menu. The CMS Upload Status is displayed on the far-right side of the Survey Administration page.  Agencies can also verify data submission on the official Home Health CAHPS Survey website.


How can I improve my agency's CAHPS survey performance?

In the AxxessCAHPS portal, users have continuous, on-demand access to a number of resources designed to help you improve CAHPS survey performance, and secure a positive standing in the industry. For additional information on optimizing your performance, please login to the CAHPS portal, and select the Help tab at the top of the screen.  Here you can explore the various resources available to you, including our HHCAHPS: Success Overview Video Tutorial, HHCAHPS Improvement Strategies Checklist, and more.