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Getting Started

What is AxxessCARE and how does it help clinicians?

AxxessCARE is a new product offered by Axxess that helps clinicians connect with agencies needing help with visits. AxxessCARE is available to clinicians in an app which is a free download from your phone’s app store. How it works is simple: when an agency has visits needing coverage, the visit can be posted to AxxessCARE. A clinician using AxxessCARE can look at the list of visits available and apply for the visits they want to do. The application, documentation, communication, payment, and QA is done using the app. Clinicians can pick up extra visits and make extra money as a contracted nurse for multiple agencies in their area. When using AxxessCARE, your profile on the app is your mobile HR file. That means you fill out the employment application, licenses, background check, and other required documents one time and all agencies using AxxessCARE will have access to it as needed when you apply for a visit.

What devices are compatible with AxxessCARE?

Currently, AxxessCARE is compatible with Android devices (version 4.1.X and higher) and Apple iOS devices (version 8 and higher). In effect, it is available for virtually any mobile device, including all phones and tablets.

Can anyone join?

We have initially released the app to nurses currently using Axxess AgencyCore but will be adding more disciplines (i.e., physical therapists) soon!

Do I have to pay to use the app?

AxxessCARE is free to download from your iTunes App or Google Play store.

I already use the Axxess mobile app for AgencyCore. Can I sign into AxxessCARE through the AgencyCore mobile app?

No, the AxxessCARE app is not integrated with the AgencyCore mobile app. The AgencyCore mobile app is directly linked to agencies a clinician is employed with. AxxessCARE allows you to view visits from any agency posting visits and will not limit you to only those agencies you are employed with.

The email associated with my Axxess account is a work email. Can I use a different email for AxxessCARE?

At this time you must use the email associated with your Axxess account.

How do I get started?

You can sign up for AxxessCARE in a few simple steps. Download the AxxessCARE app through the iTunes App or Google Play store. Sign in using your AgencyCore user name and password. Once you are logged in, you will be prompted to set up your profile. For first time users, AxxessCARE will take you directly to your Basic Information screen. Tap on "Next" to start entering your personal information. On this screen, you will enter your name, date of birth, home address and mobile number. Once completed, AxxessCARE gives you a preview of nearby visits. When you tap on any visit, you will be prompted to enter your information for a background check that will take 24 to 48 hours. After the background check is completed, you will be eligible to apply for posted visits.

How do I get paid?

When you fill in your profile, you will add your bank account information for direct deposit. This information is available only for Braintree, the third party handling the transaction between the agency and you. When your visit documentation is complete and has been approved by QA, the money is released by Braintree to your account.