OASIS-E Overview

Medicare home health providers must use the updated OASIS-E assessment beginning January 1, 2023.

OASIS-E Resources

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The Axxess 15 Minute OASIS-E Walk

Learn how to improve your outcomes and your bottom Line through fast and accurate OASIS scoring using the axxess 15- minute OASIS guide.

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Anatomy of OASIS-E Webinar

Listen to Arlene Maxim, Senior Vice President of Clinical Services at Axxess, discuss the coming changes in OASIS-E.

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OASIS-E Full Book

This resource booklet covers each new item added to the OASIS-E instrument, provides OASIS intent with guidance instructions, tips for proper coding and clinical examples that support decision-making.

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OASIS-E Crosswalk

Read through a streamlined version of the new OASIS-E Section A covering administrative information and patient tracking.

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OASIS-E: Breaking Down What’s New

Home health organizations must prepare for the update of the Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) to OASIS-E, which will replace OASIS-D on January 1, 2023.

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OASIS-E: Breaking Down Section A

The OASIS data elements are designed for home health organizations to integrate into their comprehensive assessment to collect and report quality data to the CMS.

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OASIS-E: Breaking Down Section B

When clinicians are completing a comprehensive assessment for a new patient, they may notice whether the patient is able to obtain, process and understand basic health information.

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OASIS-E: Reviewing Section C

In the past, the Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) has done little to assess the cognitive function of the patient. Now, Section C of the OASIS-E manual includes guidance for that.

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OASIS-E: Reviewing Section D

Checking a patient’s mood and looking for any potential mood disorders can be extremely helpful in determining if the patient will successfully improve their overall health.

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OASIS-E: Reviewing Section J

Clinicians working for care at home organizations strive to provide the best outcomes for their patients with an individualized plan of care

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OASIS-E: Reviewing Section K

For some home health patients, monitoring nutrition, food and fluid intake will be a critical part of their individualized plan of care.

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