Axxess is First Care at Home Platform with HITRUST Certification Learn More
Axxess is First Care at Home Platform with HITRUST Certification Learn More


With a 2.2% cut planned for 2024, it is vital that organizations focus on the tools at hand to protect and grow revenue, improve efficiency and decrease costs. Organizations can leverage the following tools and resources to help offset the proposed reimbursement cut and strategically plan for the future.

Revenue Risk Analyzer 

Make faster, strategic decisions to accelerate your growth and lead through disruption with the Axxess Revenue Risk Analyzer. This customized dashboard will help guide your organization and provide an “insights to impact” view of the proposed changes, as well as the anticipated impact specific to your organization. Located within our Axxess Business Intelligence (BI) tool, the Revenue Risk Analyzer dashboard provides an in-depth analysis to help protect you and your organization and minimize the financial impact of the proposed reimbursement.

To access the new Revenue Risk Analyzer dashboard, existing Axxess BI customers can find this in the financial home health section of the BI solution. If you are not an existing BI user, sign up for Axxess Business Intelligence today.

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Strategic Analysis and Provider Guidance

Hear from Medicare home health industry experts as they discuss the proposed rule's impact on providers and access to patient care, share recommended legislative and advocacy strategies, and offer clinical and operational action items home health providers can implement instantly to help minimize the looming financial impact on your business.

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Value-Based Purchasing

Organizations can increase their revenue up to 5% with value-based purchasing (VBP) and thus offset reimbursement rate cuts and improve overall revenue for 2025 during performance year 2023.
In this Axxess eBook, learn how the VBP model incentivizes quality care with higher reimbursements to higher-performing organizations while penalizing lower-performing ones, understand value-based care areas and incorporate strategies to maximize reimbursements and ensure long-term success.

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VBP Dashboard within Axxess Business Intelligence

Identify trends that affect VBP revenue

Drill down patient details to further understand outcomes and trends

Pull predictive analytics for early interventions to prevent negative outcomes and protect VBP revenue

Drive VBP scores with performance improvement measures based on KPIs

OASIS Efficiency

The OASIS captures data critical to Home Health Value-Based Purchasing. Axxess has created a comprehensive collection of OASIS-E resources to help you confidently complete the assessment. Axxess’ OASIS logic and integrations allow for fast and efficient start of care documentation to improve clinical productivity.

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Axxess Home Health Clients

Axxess Home Health clients can access several resources within the solution to help them answer OASIS questions accurately, avoid QA delays and spend more time with patients. The solution includes an integrated OASIS guidance manual and training tools, like the Axxess 15-Minute OASIS.

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Axxess Home Health Tools

Axxess Home Health users can access several features within the solution to help provide quality and compliant care, protect revenue, ensure workforce efficiency and decrease costs.

Compliance Safeguards

Compliance Safeguards

Increased audits and regulatory scrutiny, such as additional document requests (ADRs), can impact cash flow and lead to significant revenue takebacks. That’s why Axxess has embedded hard stops for items known as potential triggers for ADRs. It’s like having a compliance specialist assist with the documentation.

Agency Set Up enables hard starts to manage quality and compliance

Integrated OASIS tips guide staff to complete compliant documentation

Orders-driven scheduling prevents visits made without orders

gross margin calculator

Gross Margin Calculator

By forecasting reimbursement at the beginning of care, organizations can adequately plan for resources throughout the episode of care to improve bottom-line revenue.

PDGM Center

PDGM Center

Utilize the PDGM Center to view and manage episodic care. Create efficiency for field and office staff and improve HHRG scores for better average monthly revenue. The Axxess Home Health PDGM Center offers the following:

Accessible and straightforward LUPA thresholds to avoid preventable LUPAs with end-of-episode scheduling

Change of Focus form to capture additional revenue based on clinical grouping

PDGM Modeling Tool to help to forecast staffing and workforce management, based on patient acuity and need

Scheduling Center

Scheduling Center

The Axxess Home Health Scheduling Center helps manage workforce efficiency and revenue capture. Implement hard stops for orders (created in company setup) to prevent visits made without orders and payment. The Scheduling Center supports clinical scheduling by field staff with permissions, saving countless admit times for PRN and on-call visits.

Additional Axxess Solutions That Will Help You Thrive

Certification Icon

Axxess Training and Certification

The Axxess Training and Certification Program can help organizations train and retain staff. It leverages industry expertise alongside our full suite of Axxess solution training to provide continuing education and development for leadership and staff at all levels. Organizations can efficiently onboard new team members and create competent, expert users who will feel comfortable utilizing the solution.

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Revenue Cycle Management Icon

Revenue Cycle Management

Protecting and growing revenue should be top of mind for providers. Axxess’ revenue cycle management solution automates claims processing so organizations can do more with less and focus on growing their business.

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Staffing Icon

Axxess Care

Organizations can expand their staffing capacity with Axxess Care. The solution connects providers with qualified clinicians to deliver timely care. Use Axxess Care to adapt to caregiver demand and the workforce shortage without FTE commitment. Reduce recruitment costs and accept more referrals with unlimited supplemental staffing.

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Patient Engagement Icon

Axxess CAHPS

Axxess is a CMS-approved Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and System (CAHPS) survey vendor for home health and hospice. CAHPS improves patient engagement, provides deeper business insights to increase revenue and drives growth for home health and hospice organizations.

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