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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources Learn More

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Organizing a client’s healthcare journey is an aspect of home care that is often overlooked when performed effectively, but much like poor service in a restaurant, messy care coordination can ruin an otherwise positive experience. Adding to the challenge, care … Keep Reading
In this episode, we talk to Bob Roth, managing partner of Cypress HomeCare Solutions. Speaking from an extensive career in home care, Roth, who is also the radio show host of Health Future and writes a monthly column, “Aging Today,” … Keep Reading
Inclusion initiatives remain top-of-mind for human resources and talent acquisition professionals. It has been proven that organizations with above-average profitability are 21% and 33% more likely to have a strong gender and ethnic diversity, respectively. In fact, the performance gap … Keep Reading
With the rise of value-based hospice care, the value of that quality care ultimately results in profitability. We know starting a Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) program is essential to your hospice organization’s viability, so here are some tips … Keep Reading
It is important to put into perspective the two aspects of quality care: regulatory compliance and quality reporting. Unfortunately, it is common to have one without the other in hospice care. When you combine the two, that is when you … Keep Reading
Proper clinical documentation and coding must go hand in hand to avoid documents being returned by Quality Assurance (QA) and prevent possible claim rejections. For a timely reimbursement, clinicians must document their findings as precisely as possible so that the … Keep Reading
Using an electronic medical record (EMR) should ease the strains of running a home care business. For tasks that are performed regularly, knowing a faster way can make all the difference. Clients have reached out to us on the Axxess … Keep Reading
You may be very busy working in your business, seeing patients, processing payroll and generally keeping the lights on, to worry about working on your business. However, marketing is a key component to ensure your long-term success and stability as an organization. Take these steps to … Keep Reading
An easy user experience is a priority at Axxess. We strive to streamline home care operations so organizations can complete tasks efficiently while staying compliant and growing their business. Through the transition to value-based care, one consistent area of contention … Keep Reading
Diversity in the care at home industry has become a priority, which was confirmed in our 2020 survey done in collaboration with Home Health Care News and a 2021 trends report. Even amidst the pandemic, around 20% of respondents believe … Keep Reading
Finding the right software for your organization is important. Ask these questions whether your organization is just starting or you have hit a breaking point with your current platform and need to make a change. 1. Partnering with a Technology … Keep Reading
It is our belief that the future of healthcare is in the home. While the pandemic hit hospice organizations hard, it also affirmed our view by illuminating the value of care in the home. Axxess partnered with Hospice News to … Keep Reading


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