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As a registered nurse with more than seven years of experience in hospice, I understand how life on the front line of healthcare is incredibly challenging and rewarding. It might be more difficult now than ever due to the fluctuating … Keep Reading
When a business is agile, it can move quickly and easily and is able to understand and adapt on short notice. Agile care-at-home organizations have teams that jump on board and familiarize themselves with the latest regulatory changes. They’re researching … Keep Reading
Patients who are engaged in their healthcare journey have improved quality outcomes and lower healthcare costs compared to those who are less involved in their care. Because of this, prioritizing patient engagement should be a key consideration as additional healthcare … Keep Reading
As a home health provider, I was always interested in metrics and wanting to know more about what case-mix meant, how quality assurance and performance improvement (QAPI) and Home Health Compare worked and why they mattered to an organization. I … Keep Reading
Successful home healthcare organizations know that the right technology partner can help: Ensure compliance and maximize reimbursements amidst ever-changing regulations Increase staff efficiency and satisfaction through user-friendly solutions Improve care quality measures and star ratings, which can increase referrals and … Keep Reading
The Axxess Client Experience Team works hard to serve care-at-home organizations that trust our products to help them provide the best care. Our team noticed an interesting trend: clients using Axxess would frequently contact us for best practices and user … Keep Reading
The year 2020 will certainly be remembered as one of the most challenging years in memory, thanks in part to a microscopic virus known as COVID-19 and the world’s response to it. However, it is not the only strain of … Keep Reading
In a recent conversation between Axxess founder and CEO John Olajide and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) President and CEO Edo Banach, the two hospice leaders covered a myriad of issues that have made 2020 a historic … Keep Reading
An intuitive, innovative home health software is necessary for organizations to keep up with the pace of regulatory changes and the evolution of the industry. Each of Axxess’ in-house product team members bring an average of ten years of home … Keep Reading
The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the delivery of healthcare in America. With individuals and families choosing to avoid hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and other congregate inpatient healthcare settings to protect against infection, it has solidified the belief that the … Keep Reading
The Hospice Item Set (HIS) is one aspect of the Hospice Quality Reporting Program (HQRP) that was mandated by the Affordable Care Act of 2010 and the Social Security Act. Axxess provides a full explanation of the importance of the … Keep Reading
John Olajide, founder and CEO of Dallas-based Axxess, the leading home healthcare technology company in North America, has a vision of making quality home healthcare options accessible to people all over the world. This vision is integrated into everything John … Keep Reading


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