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Technological advancements have typically been a disruptor in every industry. However, the latest disruptor in healthcare is the consumer. Today’s consumers are educated and understand they can receive healthcare in the home for most situations.It is natural that consumers are … Keep Reading
The rise in palliative care comes with an increase in palliative care billing, a financial element not widely known since not all palliative care services are billable. Coding requirements for palliative care change frequently as its popularity grows. Billing for … Keep Reading
Circulatory and heart diseases are common diagnoses in hospice care, second to cancer. However, because their symptom management and disease management are often very similar, determining an accurate prognosis can be challenging. Are these chronic symptoms or is this a … Keep Reading
Inclusion initiatives remain top-of-mind for human resources and talent acquisition professionals. It has been proven that organizations with above-average profitability are 21% and 33% more likely to have a strong gender and ethnic diversity, respectively. In fact, the performance gap … Keep Reading
With the rise of value-based hospice care, the value of that quality care ultimately results in profitability. We know starting a Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) program is essential to your hospice organization’s viability, so here are some tips … Keep Reading
It is important to put into perspective the two aspects of quality care: regulatory compliance and quality reporting. Unfortunately, it is common to have one without the other in hospice care. When you combine the two, that is when you … Keep Reading
Changes to the Hospice Quality Reporting Program (HQRP) have been finalized to include the Hospice Care Index (HCI), an addition first introduced in the proposed rule. The HCI is a claims-based quality measure reported throughout the patient’s lifecycle and made … Keep Reading
With claims-based audits increasing, hospices must enforce a tighter review process for hospice eligibility with a clear documentation of tools used. There are four tools that help determine whether a patient has a chronic illness or a terminal illness for … Keep Reading
Staff morale is a powerful shared energy that directly affects employees’ motivation, job performance and workplace relationships, and should be a priority. Happy employees are good for business. During these challenging times, when many healthcare organizations are battling low staff … Keep Reading
Women have assumed leadership roles across all industries and are demonstrating remarkable success. Our nation is witnessing growth and opportunity in the healthcare sector, but specifically in the business of home health and hospice services. I had the pleasure of … Keep Reading
You may be very busy working in your business, seeing patients, processing payroll and generally keeping the lights on, to worry about working on your business. However, marketing is a key component to ensure your long-term success and stability as an organization. Take these steps to … Keep Reading
All organizations want to hire the best and brightest talent. Along the same lines, job applicants expect a level of commitment when they start working for an organization. The quickest and most successful way to show your dedication to new employees is through a training program. … Keep Reading


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