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Given the success of the Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) model, it is not surprising to learn that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has included in the 2022 proposed final rule that VBP be expanded to all states. The … Keep Reading
A good patient outcome is the direct result of a good plan of care. This plan is only beneficial if it is developed around confirmed patient diagnoses. Complete and accurate coding of patient diagnoses is the foundation for care provided … Keep Reading
Inclusion initiatives remain top-of-mind for human resources and talent acquisition professionals. It has been proven that organizations with above-average profitability are 21% and 33% more likely to have a strong gender and ethnic diversity, respectively. In fact, the performance gap … Keep Reading
Increasing your patient count is not the first step toward becoming more profitable. That starts by examining your current billing processes, identifying areas that are inefficient and pinpointing steps that are dragging down reimbursement times. Selene Baldonado, director of revenue … Keep Reading
Proper clinical documentation and coding must go hand in hand to avoid documents being returned by Quality Assurance (QA) and prevent possible claim rejections. For a timely reimbursement, clinicians must document their findings as precisely as possible so that the … Keep Reading
There is a crisis in the United States. Our workforce is severely depleted, and it is certainly being felt by those in the home care industry. Nurses are aging and replacements to this profession are not being filled at the … Keep Reading
In this episode, Merrily Orsini speaks to Jason Bring, a healthcare partner at Arnall Golden Gregory, who co-chairs the law firm’s National Post-Acute Care team and serves on the board of the National Association of Home Care and Hospice. Bring … Keep Reading
Staff morale is a powerful shared energy that directly affects employees’ motivation, job performance and workplace relationships, and should be a priority. Happy employees are good for business. During these challenging times, when many healthcare organizations are battling low staff … Keep Reading
Women have assumed leadership roles across all industries and are demonstrating remarkable success. Our nation is witnessing growth and opportunity in the healthcare sector, but specifically in the business of home health and hospice services. I had the pleasure of … Keep Reading
Patient rehospitalizations have a significant impact on home health organizations and can be prevented in many situations. Every year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) penalizes acute care hospitals that have too many Medicare patients readmitted within 30 … Keep Reading
All organizations want to hire the best and brightest talent. Along the same lines, job applicants expect a level of commitment when they start working for an organization. The quickest and most successful way to show your dedication to new employees is through a training program. … Keep Reading
In this episode, we talk to Dr. Thomas Cornwell, Senior Medical Director at Village Medical at Home. Village Medical at Home is part of VillageMD, an organization that partners with physicians to deliver high-quality clinical care and better patient outcomes, … Keep Reading


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