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Five Easy Ways a Cloud-Based Home Care Solution Saves Time

Life as a clinician in a home care organization can be hectic. Between the amount of paperwork required under various healthcare regulations and general day-to-day clerical needs, nursing tends to be only a portion of what nurses do during their day.

Cloud-based home care software can be part of the solution. This tool can make a major difference in daily ease of use and convenience. Little tasks add up, and even a few steps eliminated can save valuable time.

Why Cloud-Based is Better

Not all home care solutions use a cloud-based system. Other software requires servers and equipment to operate, necessitating space to store them and an employee to manage them. Solutions that are not cloud-based tend to only be accessible in certain ways and store a finite amount of data.

Cloud-based software is accessible anywhere, at any time. Some solutions don’t even require an internet connection to use.

Cloud-based solutions share many of the benefits of home-based care over receiving care in hospitals: it’s more convenient, cheaper and provides a high-quality experience for the client and clinicians.

Save Time Daily with These Features

  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV): I often had to go back to the office after shifts to turn in paperwork. With EVV, clinicians can securely clock in and out while in the field – no unnecessary paperwork trips needed. EVV also helps when audits come around, as this required data is available electronically at any time.
  • Orders Management Notes and Physician Portal: Much of a home care provider’s day is spent connecting with physician’s offices, checking on the status of an order or even faxing (and re-faxing) orders. Having a feature that enables providers to fulfill this need without being tied to a desk or printer is invaluable. Monitoring the status of orders can be done from anywhere and is updated in real time for the most accurate information.
  • Mobile eTAR and eMAR Addenda: Home care typically provides long-term care with repetitive tasks administered in each shift, sometimes multiple times a shift. Clinicians can save time on documentation with these addenda. This makes documentation quick and easy with just a few clicks.
  • Claim and Invoice Activity Report: Home care operates around claims, so claim reports are incredibly helpful. Select a time frame and receive a list of all claims (even resubmitted ones) and any differences in revenue are generated automatically. Identify referral and census patterns and be sure to use the Claim Invoice Notes as a secure, HIPAA-compliant way to supplement claims in real time with additional information for billers.
  • Schedule Center: Filling visits is tricky and time consuming. Along with facing workforce shortages, schedulers must plan everyone’s visits around client needs and preferences, clinician capabilities and personal schedules. Find a schedule center that takes all these factors into account and matches the best option for each visit to save valuable time on the scheduling puzzle.

Using features like these on a cloud-based solution is the first step to saving time on administrative tasks and spending more time working with clients. The future of healthcare is in the home, and cloud-based home care solutions will help make that possible.

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