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Three Steps to a Five-Star Care at Home Organization

We know that five-star talent helps build five-star organizations.

Axxess is developing a first-of-its kind certification program that leverages industry expertise alongside Axxess solution training for staff and leadership at all levels of your organization.

Use these three steps to elevate your care at home organization:

1. Ensure all existing employees become certified.

Participants are trained and tested on their understanding of the caregiving process and knowledge of Axxess solutions. Support your staff as they work to earn certifications from fundamental to expert levels across clinical, operational and financial tracks.

Set target dates for your staff to complete each certification badge. When Axxess made the certifications a requirement, we sent out regular communications to all team members, helping them keep track of their progress.

In a few weeks, your entire team can be trained on home health, hospice or home care industry best practices and regulations.

2. Use the Axxess Certification Program as part of your orientation process.

We know that effective orientation and onboarding leads to a higher rate of retention and higher revenue. This extensive online training is a great tool for onboarding new talent.

Set realistic goals for your new employees, starting with earning their fundamental certifications during their initial orientation and a future deadline for any expert level certifications.

This will ensure that your new staff is prepared to use the Axxess software and that your clinicians have mastered the basics of caregiving when they represent your organization in the field.

3. Promote your company-wide Axxess Certification Program requirements.

We created this certification program to make staff more knowledgeable about all aspects of the caregiving process, establishing a standard of quality that your organization will be known for.

Use your company-wide Axxess certification requirements to promote your commitment to your clients and staff. Encourage your employees to post their Axxess badges on their LinkedIn pages and tag your organization and Axxess. Don’t forget to also share these posts to your organization’s page.

This publicity will help with your organization’s staffing challenges and can also boost staff morale.

This is a five-star certification program to help build five-star organizations, shaping your employees into care at home experts.

If you are interested in standardizing your staff’s learning and development, sign up on the Axxess Certification Program page.

Axxess offers home health, hospice and home care cloud-based solutions that empower point-of-care documentation on any device, with or without an internet connection. The Axxess Certification Program was designed to set a standard level of knowledge for the care at home industry.


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