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Business Intelligence Drives Operational Excellence

In conjunction with its clinical dashboards and financial insights, Axxess Business Intelligence (BI) empowers teams to streamline operations. Operational data helps leaders ask smart questions and get the right answers.

Case Management Data

Axxess BI provides data on case management, as this often guides operations. It’s important for organizations to know who’s driving the operations, which accounts are the most viable and which accounts may need some nurturing.

Case management data also provides insights into the organization’s admission rate and ways to increase it. Data can be filtered for all payer sources, or just by one. If admission rates are low, organizations can look to see if contracting is a concern or if documentation isn’t completed in a timely fashion, causing referral sources to stop sending patients.

Discharge Data

Axxess BI also provides data on discharges. While discharges may not appear operationally focused, consider how many nurses load balance when admissions start going up. Discharges start going up, and many nurses triage accounts. They’ll take on those admissions, but then they all flow to discharges. Organizations can address that through change management by implementing a policy requiring staff to state whether all goals are being met, or ensure clinical supervisors are reviewing those charts for all met goals.

Conversion Rates

Another operational highlight is the conversion rate, which is ideally at least 90 percent. Organizations want to keep as much business as they can, and Axxess helps them do that. If business is coming in the door and a provider is not able to accept it, staffing is usually the reason. Axxess CARE, a scheduling and staffing solution, connects organizations using Axxess software with qualified clinicians to provide timely care.

Notice of Admission Tracking

Submitting Notices of Admission (NOAs) after five days is one more way organizations are leaving money on the table, as late submissions trigger payment reductions. Axxess tracks and alerts users when an NOA submission due date is approaching, beginning at day three.

Providers may wonder why NOAs are on the operational dashboard and not the financial dashboard. The issues causing late NOA submission can typically be addressed through operational changes. Maybe assessment staff are not completing their OASIS assessments in a timely manner, or perhaps they are not turning that assessment in within 24 hours, or the provider is not adding a secondary discipline. Whatever the case is, operational leaders can correct it. This protects revenue, especially as the home health industry is planning for reimbursements to decrease.

Every single day of reimbursement is vital to the health of an organization, and Axxess Business Intelligence helps providers make the most of their resources.


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