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Streamlining Operations with Fee-Based Scheduling and Authorizations

An easy user experience is a priority at Axxess. We strive to streamline home care operations so organizations can complete tasks efficiently while staying compliant and growing their business.

Through the transition to value-based care, one consistent area of contention for most home care organizations is billing. As operations are changing to be more patient-centered, your billing processes should evolve. Experts warn that organizations that do not take advantage of electronic billing tools will be left behind.

Two New Billing Tools to Streamline Operations

Axxess Home Care has added two new features that will help organizations streamline billing

1. Fee-Based Scheduling: This feature limits available tasks during the scheduling process to only the payer’s billable and pay-only tasks. This will prevent users from scheduling tasks that are not associated with payer bill rates, reducing scheduling errors and possible missed revenue.

Once enabled, a user can edit payment sources to add tasks and bill rates that apply to each specific payer. Rates for invoice payers are determined by how the invoice is set up.

If “This payment source will use the bill rates in the client’s profile” has been selected, the scheduling tasks will pull from the client chart. If this is not selected, the rates will pull from the payer rate schedule in the payment source.

Once the rates and tasks are entered into the payment sources, a new task can be scheduled as usual. After the payment source is selected during scheduling, only the tasks that have bill rates entered and are associated with that specific payer will display in the task list drop-down for selection. Non-billable tasks will also display. This will guarantee the selected task is either non-billable or has a bill rate for that payer.

2. Fee-Based Authorization: Likewise, this second feature limits the tasks available during the authorization process to only the payer’s billable tasks.

This will prevent users from selecting tasks that are not associated with the payer’s bill rates.

Fee-based authorization will be automatically enabled when fee-based scheduling is enabled for the organization.

When adding or editing an authorization, the user can only select tasks in the drop-down list that have bill rates entered. The user will also be alerted when they enter tasks in an authorization that do not have a bill rate with an indicator clearly labeling the task as having no bill rate.

Scheduling and billing are made easier with these new tools, eliminating more chances for human error while expediting the billing process.

These fee-based features are just two ways that Axxess Home Care streamlines operations for your organization.

Axxess Home Care is a cloud-based home care software with an intuitive scheduling center that includes caregiver matching tools, bulk scheduling capabilities and a direct link to the billing center for visit selections that follow the client’s plan of care.


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