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Avoiding the Home Health OASIS “Spin Zone”

For the past 22 years, home health organizations have worked hard to get Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) documentation right. However, with so many resources available, it often feels like we enter a “spin zone” every time we seek to clarify information or learn new details provided.

It is important to remember that many of the value-based purchasing (VBP) points come directly from OASIS items as documented. Inaccuracies on required assessment findings can become very costly to any organization. Assuring that staff are well trained in OASIS is critical as we move into the VBP world.

Getting ready for VBP is critical for success in all organizations drive to achieve a five-star rating in home healthcare compare scoring. Yet it isn’t only VBP that expects quality within an organization. Private and non-governmental sources and insurance companies are looking to five-star organizations to care for their beneficiaries.

Only OASIS-specific training of all professional staff members will serve as the most effective source of accuracy. Developing, implementing and maintaining an effective OASIS training model is essential.

Identifying the “Spin Zone”

If staff are not confident with their OASIS training or skills, they often go outside of the organization and seek direction.

While there are plenty of authentic professional resources available, clinicians often get caught up in seeking information from non-authentic sources. Social media, such as Facebook, is riddled with sources purporting to be “experts” in OASIS and home care in general. The advice rendered on social media is usually well intended but can be so incorrect that it could affect the integrity of your documentation and patient outcomes.

OASIS accuracy and scoring toward VBP will significantly affect revenue. There is nothing that can replace the individual organization training to climb that five-star rating ladder and becoming a winner in the VBP world.

Steps to Prepare Your Staff for OASIS Accuracy

Look for a home healthcare software with built-in OASIS features, so your clinicians can expect to have ongoing direction and resources necessary to complete an accurate assessment. In-depth training, like the Axxess Certification Program, also reinforces the knowledge all clinicians need and ensures a standard level of care from your staff.

However, surveyors expect that each organization will take responsibility for their initial and ongoing OASIS training. Here are a few tips to meet that challenge:

1. Create testing and competency assessments for each clinician hiring into your operation. Just because they have had years of OASIS experience does not mean they have the proper training or understanding necessary.

2. For new clinicians or those who cannot meet competency requirements, plan a full A through Z training program, walking them through each OASIS item. Include the intent and outcome expected for each item.

3. Ensure your Quality Assessment Performance Improvement (QAPI) plan includes clinical documentation and OASIS accuracy as a valued part of the entire QAPI program. Use Medicare’s Quadruple Aim to create an effective program that is quality focused and drives great outcomes.

Remember in the very near future, the accuracy and specificity of each OASIS assessment will have some effect on your revenue. Ensure your staff has solid and ongoing training to avoid clinicians entering the “OASIS Spin-Zone.” Your future revenue and the success of your organization depends on it.

Axxess Home Health, a cloud-based home health software, includes OASIS features built in for accuracy, like an OASIS Scrubber, which audits documentation for inconsistencies and warnings.


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