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Five Ways to Increase Applications for Your Posted Axxess CARE Visits

Axxess CARE is the staffing life raft that has saved many organizations in addressing the current nursing shortage. This online platform enables organizations to find clinicians who are interested in picking up extra visits in their area.

On Axxess CARE, clinicians can view posted visits according to their preferences and qualifications. Clinicians can see the visits that are within the set distance from their location, that are above their minimum pay rate and tasks that they are either competent to perform or appropriate for their license type.

Because Axxess CARE is a new concept in healthcare, organizations new to the platform should start by posting available visits with the desired clinician in mind.

There are five strategies to increase the number of applications for posted visits:

  1. Post the visit at a competitive rate that is above the rate you pay your in-house staff. Remember that you are not paying taxes, mileage, equipment or benefits to these clinicians. These clinicians will pay 15% of that rate in taxes as well as pay for the gas, auto maintenance and basic equipment often not provided to them. Increasing the rate will still allow you to save money on the visit and will garner more attention from clinicians looking for visits. Consider increasing the visit rate by 10-20% over the average rate for your region.
  2. Give adequate information about the visit. When clinicians are looking for visits to pick up, they will pay more attention to the ones that have the most information. If the patient will need to be instructed on congestive heart failure (CHF), choose the task of “CHF Management” rather than “Assessment and Training.” If the visit includes wound care, inform the clinician where the supplies are in the home and their delivery date.
  3. Post the visit prior to the scheduled day. Clinicians need time to prepare for their day of visits, including mapping their routes, planning for pick-ups or dropping off specimens at the lab. Axxess CARE helps in situations where you need day-of-visit help, but visits posted at least a day beforehand provide the organization and the clinician with a smoother scheduling experience.
  4. Compensate for high-tech, longer or complicated visits. When a visit will take longer than the standard hour, will require extra stops to pick up supplies, or is a specialized task requiring extra training, it is reasonable to add more compensation. Otherwise, clinicians will bypass these complicated visits and instead pick up a simpler visit for the same rate.
  5. Assist the clinician by ensuring that the supplies they need are available to them. Deliver the supplies, admission folder or equipment to the patient’s home or to the clinician. The extra running around could deter the clinician from picking up the visit.

The home healthcare landscape is competitive and by using these strategies, you will increase your rate of visit applications and save money.

Axxess CARE, an online staffing and scheduling platform and mobile app, connects home health organizations with qualified clinicians to deliver timely care.


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