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Clinicians Talk About Why They Love Axxess CARE

The home health experts at Axxess know the industry well. They, too, were clinicians working for multiple organizations to pick up any extra visits available. That’s why Axxess CARE, our home health scheduling and staffing software, was created: to help fellow home health clinicians make more money, faster, by using our app to apply for visits posted.

Axxess CARE is used by more than 4,000 qualified clinicians to pick up visits when they want, where they want.

Our network of clinicians have completed nearly 40,000 visits using Axxess CARE. Hear what these actual users have to say about our solution and why it’s made a difference in their lives.

How did you first learn about Axxess CARE?

“Word of mouth from a lot of nurse friends. Everyone was talking about it. They were saying it’s something we need to look into because you just have to get your name out there.” Michele, RN, IL

“I received a text asking if I wanted to get more visits. That’s how you guys hooked me. ‘Do you want more visits?’ And who would say no to that, right?” Marie, RN, IL

“I know a bunch of agencies are short-staffed, a lot of nurses don’t want to work because of the pandemic. Another clinician told me that visits were available, so I downloaded the app.” Susan, LVN, TX

What made you want to use Axxess CARE?

“I work for other home health agencies, and that’s more of me waiting for them to text me to tell me when they have a patient for me. But with Axxess, it’s like I can see everything, and I can pick and choose whether to say yes or no. It was more all-encompassing.” Jean, PT, TX

“I usually start on Sunday, and I will plot down my visits for the week and say, ‘Hey, you know what? I’m a little low on Tuesday.’ So, I’ll look on Axxess CARE and see if there are any visits close by my home or close to my other patients. I will apply for that visit and go from there.” Marie, RN, IL

What has been your favorite part about using our app?

“Axxess CARE is the most efficient at getting us paid. The payments are so fast, whereas with staffing agencies you’re waiting weeks, wondering when your pay is coming. You guys are doing it within days, which is amazing.” Jean, PT, TX

“I just like the fact that it provides you a general area of where the patient resides, and it also lets you choose what type of visit you want—you know ahead of time. I just like knowing what to expect. There’s nothing worse than going to a patient unprepared.” Marie, RN, IL

“It’s the freedom that a lot of us are looking for still, it’s not so much the money.” Michele, RN, IL

“I like that you can choose which visits you want, and it gives you a reminder that morning that you have a visit scheduled.” Susan, LVN, TX

Have you been surprised by anything using our app?

“The speed of payment was the best surprise. It’s also easy to navigate the documentation.” Jean, PT, TX

“I like the fact that once you click on the patient, you can get the orders, you can get the medication list, it’s very centralized.” Marie, RN, IL

“[Getting paid faster is] a bonus!” Susan, LVN, TX

What would you tell fellow clinicians about Axxess CARE?

“I would tell them it’s like an Uber for nursing care! You have this app where you have all these cases in this area that are available and are looking for a nurse. You apply for it and if your credentials are right then the agency will accept it and you’ll go see the patient.” Marie, RN, IL

“I’d tell them it’s easy and they can pick up whatever they want or not pick it up. And they can see what’s out there, and they’ll get paid quickly.” Jean, PT, TX

“I compare it to Uber nursing: you get to pick and choose which visits you want to see based on when they’re available and where they’re at.” Susan, LVN, TX

Describe Axxess CARE in one word.

  • Efficient – Jean, PT, TX
  • User-friendly – Marie, RN, IL
  • Convenient – Susan, LVN, TX
  • Freedom – Michele, RN, IL

Anything to leave us with?

“Whenever I see visits posted it is something nice to look forward to, ‘Oh, okay, I picked up three extra visits so I’m going to have an extra $90 this week.’” Susan, LVN, TX

“It’s pretty easy and self-explanatory. You guys are superefficient!” Jean, PT, TX

“Home health is not like it used to be. I’ve been in this industry since 1983 and it’s not the same where you can really pick and choose what you want to do. A lot of times you’re bogged down with an agency saying, ‘You’ve got to go here, you’ve got to go there.’ With Axxess CARE, you get to pick your movement. I like the freedom of movement and I love nursing; I love what I do.” Michele, RN, IL


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