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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources Learn More

Two Ways Axxess Home Care Simplifies COVID-19 Testing and Vaccinations

With the recent direction from President Biden that all healthcare workers must be vaccinated or be tested weekly for COVID-19, organizations must meticulously track employees’ vaccination status and weekly tests.

Axxess Home Care has a solution for these tracking challenges.

Tracking Vaccinated Employees and Clients

All employees must provide proof of vaccination. The built-in Employee Immunization Profiles include options to document the single-dose COVID-19 vaccine, as well as the first and second doses of the two-dose vaccine.

Home care administrators should expect this vaccination documentation to be included on future surveys. The COVID-19 Vaccinations Report allows organizations to compile a list of vaccinated clients or employees and their dates of vaccination administration or refusal.

Tracking Weekly Negative COVID-19 Results

Tracking required COVID-19 testing for unvaccinated workers can easily be done through the License and Compliance Manager. Organizations can enter a compliance item in Company Setup. Once entered, these compliance items can be tracked by viewing the license manager tab under the Employee menu. Select the employee, the License Type (which could be entered as COVID-19 Test) then the Category (Compliance Tracking).

In the Attachments section, you can upload a copy of the negative test that the employee has provided.

When the employee provides a negative test result, enter the date of the test and select an expiration date one week away. This will trigger alerts on each non-vaccinated employee for easier operations week to week.

The Employee Compliance Report will allow your organization to keep track of expiring licenses or compliance items and can be filtered for each of the items that have been entered, such as a COVID-19 Test and the desired date ranges.

You will also want to select the columns to display, which should include the test expiration date. When the report is generated, it will provide a list of employees who have had a COVID-19 test compliance item entered and its expiration date.

These tools in Axxess Home Care will assist you and your organization in staying compliant with important COVID-19 vaccination requirements without overwhelming your daily operations.


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