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Three Useful Tips for More Efficient Daily Home Care Operations

Using an electronic medical record (EMR) should ease the strains of running a home care business. For tasks that are performed regularly, knowing a faster way can make all the difference.

Clients have reached out to us on the Axxess User Community with the following questions, and we want to share that knowledge with you.

1. Is there a way to delete or edit an order if it is incorrect?

Physician orders can be edited by permitted users while in the “Saved” status. However, once they have been completed by the clinician, only users with the appropriate permissions can edit or delete an order. Once complete, it must once again be signed.

Orders that have been signed by a physician cannot be deleted. The only edits that can be made to these are the date sent, received date and signature date.

2. If someone deletes a shift is there a way for me to see who deleted it?

We know most organizations have multiple EMR users, and mistakes happen. Knowing the answer to this question will save your organization stress and time spent worrying over accidentally deleted documents.

Deleted documents can be restored. The Deleted Tasks/Documents option is located at the bottom of Quick Reports in the Client Center. Users can click “Restore” by the appropriate item, as well as view the history of the task or document. This way, administrators will know who deleted the item and can correct their training for the future.

3. Why don’t I see everything I should, even though I have the correct permissions?

This is a very common question, and it is one that can be answered without having to call Axxess support.

If you feel your permissions are assigned correctly, check the system role that has been given. If there is more than one role assigned in the Employee File under the Information tab, then that could be causing the issue.

Hover over the information tool tip to learn more about assigning a system role. You should select only one role, making sure it is the highest role the user plays within your organization.

Ask your questions or even provide your own knowledge at the Axxess User Community, where Axxess users are talking. The more we share and learn, the better care we can provide.


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