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Improve Physician Partnerships with This Feature

Caregivers are not the only healthcare professionals facing extreme burnout. Physicians are slogging through many of the same challenges. Your clients’ care is funneled through a system clogged with an abundance of paperwork and a shortage of staff.

Electronic medical record (EMR) software was designed to ease this strain, especially if it is easy to use and comes with proper training. Key features can make your partnerships with physicians easier and help avoid burnout.

The Benefits of a Physician Portal

A physician can connect to a secure, consolidated database through an EMR called a physician portal. This creates an instant path for your partners to send and receive orders and plans of care.

Here are three benefits you will experience when your physician partners embrace interoperability.

1. No more faxing or hand delivering physicians’ orders.

This saves time for both parties, as the physician can log in to the portal, and review and approve orders on any clients that they have with your organization. Overworked staff will no longer worry about re-faxing an order multiple times or racing across town to meet a tight turnaround.

2. Maintaining compliance is easier.

Saving time is crucial in a home care office. Aside from the relief your staff will feel, you can also expect an increase in compliance deadlines being met. This will speed up your billing processes and ensure survey readiness.

3. Receive full reimbursements sooner.

Your physician has signed off on the plan of care and all necessary orders. Billing has been handled and because everything is in on time, you can expect the full reimbursement owed. Handling all clients through one system helps decrease odds of human error.

Most of the frustration and stress with physicians’ orders come from manual delivery or faxing; all claims billing relies on this shaky hand-off. Exchange this step for a reliable one and your organization will feel the difference and improve your provider partnerships.

A bonus benefit of a physician portal? Because you have gone “green,” your office will save more money on paper.

Axxess Home Care, a cloud-based home care software, includes a built-in physician portal that is HIPAA-compliant and easy to use for instant orders processing.


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