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How to Partner With Your EMR Vendor for Interoperability Success

Our approach to interoperability is leading through partnerships. We want to help healthcare providers be successful in their journey of maneuvering different software solutions.

On its own, an electronic medical record (EMR) is not enough for hospice providers. It takes integrations to help them be successful and create one seamless experience.

What Are the Key Ingredients to Ensure a Successful Partnership?

There are two key ingredients that will help your partnership.

First is establishing the right culture across all partners. When building something in a vacuum, the elements will change because your staff will respond to it differently. It is vital for all partners and their timelines to align. Ensuring that there is a common goal helps from the start.

Next is designing for empathy. Your EMR vendor should design everything for the end user, keeping the provider’s needs in the heart of the integration.

What is the Best Way to Identify Opportunities for Improvement?

At Axxess, we enter every conversation with a learner mindset.

We come with knowledge on how our technology works. However, we also want to learn and understand what we are building and who we are building for. Every hospice has a specific need. If your EMR vendor can learn the operations of the organization, they can build a solution for you.

How Do You Measure Success When the Integration is Complete?

Being an EMR, our success starts with client satisfaction, and then partner satisfaction.

We look at it from a user perspective: is the solution being used as intended across different roles?

The second thing that is important for us is ease of use. How many questions about the integration are we getting from clients? We want to build self-learning solutions and simple workflows with built-in tips to guide the user. Our goal is reducing the number of user clicks for an efficient work experience.

How Involved Should Providers Be in the Process?

If you feel that the partnership is not going well, especially with an integration, bring all parties together and have that conversation. Share what the challenge is and what you are doing to try to solve it.

Technology companies love to get into the weeds of how we can operationalize solutions for providers. Do not ever feel like you cannot ask for something. It is our responsibility to build a solution so that you can provide the best care possible.

What If Your Hospice Has Unique Needs?

Our product development philosophy at Axxess is to do the greatest good. We talk to clients and learn what will help them most, consolidating their needs to create a unique workflow for them without impacting our other clients and their workflows.

The more we can listen, the more we can understand them operationally.

What is the Future of Interoperability?

At Axxess, we want to empower people with technology.

I entered this industry to solve healthcare technology challenges for care in the home. What we’re trying to do at Axxess is take that empowerment of technology to the next level.

We envision a future where everyone is open in how they communicate with each other and where all providers are proponents for information exchange.

Our goal is to build common standards so that we have a baseline for interoperability. These solutions are going to revolutionize our industry. We need to work together in a meaningful way and solve those challenges through technology.

Axxess offers interoperability in cloud-based care at home software for thousands of home health, home care and hospice providers.


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