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Helping Your Clinical Supervisor Can Help Your Organization

A clinical supervisor (CS) has a demanding job. Good organizational habits and efficiencies are the keys to their success. In order to understand how these key elements play a role in job success, let’s look at the professional life of a clinical supervisor and get a glimpse at some of the tasks they oversee on a weekly basis.

An Overview of a Clinical Supervisor’s Job Functions

  • Performing routine home visits
  • Scheduling caregiver visits
  • Documenting visits
  • Assisting with new hires
  • Performing quality assurance checks
  • Training caregivers on new skills or equipment
  • Maintaining staff certifications
  • Evaluating caregiver performance
  • Creating authorization requests for clients

Staying Organized and Efficient

Streamlining operations for all tasks that a CS performs will significantly reduce time spent on documentation. Efficient and organized documentation of tasks that a CS performs weekly will ensure that your organization stays compliant with regulatory requirements and your own company policies.

Recurrent Home Visits

Some ways to streamline operations for a CS include setting a recurring recertification home visit or supervisory visit, so that visits are not accidentally missed, which can incur penalties or payment denials. Axxess Home Care, our cloud-based home care software, has a recurrence option when scheduling visits that enables users to schedule recurring visits for a six month period with the click of a button.

Documenting Quality Assurance

An easy process for performing quality assurance (QA) for caregiver documentation and notifying caregivers of any issues will speed up QA operations. Caregiver notes are often requested during the authorization process, so Axxess Home Care enables the CS to attach a red sticky note to documentation returned to a caregiver which details the reason for the return. Caregivers can easily access these returned documents in several places in the software.

Improving Client Outcomes

Improving client outcomes is always a primary focus for the CS, and the right software can greatly assist with this goal. Using a home care software solution with thorough and complete documentation to capture all the assessed items while tracking and trending those items will facilitate the greatest client outcomes. Axxess Home Care visit notes have validations that occur automatically throughout an assessment, alerting users when additional details are required. This functionality provides a complete picture of client progress.

Increasing Organization Revenue

Many clinical supervisors may not feel that they have much to do with increasing revenue for the organization, but they are far more involved than they might think. Capturing all clinical information and documentation allows for a complete authorization request, including logs and records collected throughout a certification period. Axxess Home Care has a large variety of documents to track seizures, suctioning and ventilator checks, as well as infectious disease screenings. This documentation can also be used to request an increase in services, if applicable.

Evaluating Caregivers with Ease

Finally, CS documentation of orientation, training, skills validation and performance evaluations of caregivers ensures compliance with regulations and company policies. Axxess Home Care provides tracking capabilities and alerts users when annual requirements are set to expire. A matching feature in Axxess Home Care helps organizations easily match caregivers to clients, and tagging functionality supports helpful documentation of caregivers’ specific skills or training.

A clinical supervisor fulfills many roles in an organization. Providing your CS with the right tools to streamline operations, improve client outcomes, increase revenue and ensure compliance will help them be successful while allowing your home care organization to grow.


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