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Five Ways Software Interoperability Enhances Efficiency

We know interoperability improves care coordination, a sore spot in many providers’ operations. Yet interoperability impacts more than just care transitions. An integrated operational method enables a seamless delivery of quality care while also improving efficiency and decreasing costs. This is the dream scenario for care at home organizations.

An easy-to-use home care solution that aligns with industry partners to create a vast interoperability ecosystem will support organizations in achieving these goals.

The Benefits of Interoperability Technology

Smooth care coordination that benefits the patient depends on timing: the right care given at the right time. Timing is key and efficiency should be the goal.

Utilizing interoperability technology can enhance your organization’s efficiency in five significant ways:

  1. Clinical Information Exchange – Allows organizations, doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare providers to compliantly access and securely share important medical information electronically. Utilizing this technology will improve the quality, safety, speed and cost of care in the home.
  2. Document Management – Helps organizations compliantly manage the overwhelming amount of documentation that accompanies patient care. Document management interoperability enables organizations to effectively oversee the documents for the entire patient lifecycle.
  3. Referral Management – Successfully receiving and triaging patient referral information can be the difference between financial success or failure. Referral management integrations enables a seamless exchange of information for the referral source and the organization.
  4. Medication and Supply Management – Managing and maintaining your patients’ medications and medical supplies is a constant task. In collaboration with our industry partners, managing medications can be done safely and promptly.
  5. Data Analytics – Enables organizations to make better-informed decisions based on facts. From staffing levels to patient infection rates, data analytics provides insights that lead to streamlined quality improvement.

Use interoperability to effortlessly enhance your clinical, operational and financial efficiency and grow your business – all from one solution.

Axxess, a cloud-based care at home software, offers helpful interoperability features from leading industry partners to support the future of care in the home.


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