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NewsDay Tuesday: Mobile-Enabled Software and Electronic Visit Verification

Mobile devices not only offer the nurse or therapist in the field the ability to easily document his or her services, but the addition of an electronic visit verification, right on the spot, when the care is delivered, makes the marriage between mobile and EVV a match made in Heaven. Adopting EVV in an agency does a lot more than just benefit the agency; it benefits the patients and the referral sources, and gives the agency another marketing message on which to differentiate.

The EVV on AXXESS’ new mobile-enabled technology electronically verifies service visits.  The patient signs off, and the rest is almost magic. It is a game changer in how the direct care professionals record and verify the visits, leaving so much more time for that all important patient contact. One could say that mobile and EVV actually enhance the ability to truly provide patient-centered care.

What else happens with Electronic Visit Verification? Care is delivered more efficiently by improving payment accuracy and program integrity. Plus, the solution is reliable and cost-effective.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is an extension of AgencyCore, which is the web-based scheduling/billing/payroll software from Axxess. So, let’s tally up the benefits: improved patient care, more accountability with assurance that services are being delivered to the right care recipient when and where the agency is supposed to deliver that care, and reduced costs. Sound familiar? Mobile Axxess + EVV meet the Triple Aim: improved patient care, improved health, cost reduction.

Mobile and EVV are changing the home health care world. Integrating mobile applications creates a powerful new tool that changes the outcomes that can be accomplished by direct care staff. Mobile technology offers some amazing additional resources to the nurses and homecare professionals supporting their clinical decision-making and contributing to improved client outcomes. Patient needs change often, and with faster and better communications and reporting, the data needed becomes instantly accessible to the entire care team.

Just imagine the marketing messages you can create when you adopt mobile technology plus start using EVV….

“Choose our agency as we are ahead of the curve with using technology that goes with our nurses and therapists, working smarter and delivering better patient care.”

“Refer to us when you have a patient who needs home care. Because we use mobile technology with EVV, you can be assured that your referred patient will get care on time, accurately, and that any follow-up or follow-through will be accomplished with both cost savings and good patient results.”

And, just imagine a health care delivery system that has better accountability and better care. What if everyone used Axxess? It could be the foundation for improved outcomes across the healthcare continuum!

More things to imagine: Imagine having your staff start their day with a mobile solution. Imagine having the assurance of complete visit compliance and what that means to your business. The good news? You really don’t have to imagine.  With Axxess, you can have a tablet or smart phone digital signature device that accompanies robust interactive capacity that helps the care provider focus on delivering care when in the patient’s home.

About Merrily Orsini

Merrily Orsini’s professional background combines her skills in technology with her expertise in communicating and a fondness for interacting with people. Her business ownership began with a geriatric care managed in-home care agency, a venture that garnered her the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 1996. She would later sell that business and found corecubed in 1998, a digital marketing company that focuses on marketing aging care services using strategy, design and integration. Recognized nationally for her expertise in strategic marketing for aging related services, particularly home care and home health services, Orsini is considered a thought leader in the industry and is involved in numerous organizations within the home care and aging care industry. She is the past Chair of the Private Duty Homecare Association of America, and recently served on the board of the National Association for Home Care and Hospice. Learn more about Merrily at merrilyorsini.com.


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