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Axxess Prepares Home Healthcare for Change with Revenue Cycle Management White Paper

Author: Kris Berry

Axxess, an industry leader in home health management software, has released a new white paper, preparing home health agencies to use revenue cycle management to thrive throughout complex industry changes. The recent transition to the ICD-10, the focus on patient-centered care, and value-based reimbursement are changing priorities for home health agencies, and they must adapt to these new operational and financial landscapes.

The Axxess white paper, “Revenue Cycle Management: Prepare Your Agency for Change,” offers information to help agencies use revenue cycle management to reduce the risk of having 1 in 5 of their Medicare claims rejected.

“At Axxess, we are giving healthcare agencies the tools not only to survive during these times of change, but also to thrive and make the industry stronger,” says John Olajide, President and CEO of Axxess. “The industry has to manage these changes together, and we are proud to provide resources to help educate the industry.”

This white paper, along with a catalogue of free industry resources, is available to download here.


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